Road Freight Service

For cost effective material transportation of large shipments by road. Road freight service divided in majorly three type of service. Full Truck Load (FTL), Part Truck Load (PTL), Flatbed Truck Services

FTL (Full Truck Load): For larger shipments, or just large amounts of cargo, needing domestic transportation, where MakeMyTrans Freight services provides full truckload (FTL) services. As a FTL transportation provider, we are able to evaluate your company’s’ specific needs and match them with a FTL service provider that can accommodate your delivery and less transit time in the most efficient manner. With full truck load cargo shipments, our trucks are usually routed directly to their final destination.

PTL (Part Truck Load): For shipments larger than a parcel and starting from 100 KG, needing domestic transportation, there is sharing based goods transport services called Part truckload (PTL). Where according to user’s requirements and needs MakeMyTrans match them to PTL service providers. PTL services contains multiple drop off, and different route according to different goods destination.

Flat Bed or Trailer Services: Every day there are millions of tons of products, heavy machinery and equipment shipped across the country. To move these over weighted goods require Flatbed Trucks or Trailers. MakeMyTrans integrated all type of Flatbed service providers on platform. Which provide service according to industry needs.

Rail Freight Service

Where Goods are in larger than larger amount or want to move goods at cheaper rate, MakeMyTrans connected the rail logistic to ensure that you are operating to best practice standards. MakeMyTrans examine the rail components of your logistics chain and provide terminals management and transit monitoring, as well as import control and related services.

Air Freight Service

A logistic service for heavier, urgent shipments for domestic and international movement. Where MakeMyTrans will give you the option of speed of delivery, price of shipment that fits your budget. And we’ll keep you fully informed at every stage of the process.

Ocean Freight Service

A lower cost goods transportation option of delivery of large shipments over very long distance. Where MakeMyTrans integrated services of ocean logistics to meet our client’s full container load (FCL) and less than container load (LCL) requirements across the world. Where service offered by our service provider is Door to Door, Door to Port, Port to Port.

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