Multiple Service Providers on a single platform:

MakeMyTrans Shipping tool lets you to find the right service provider for your goods and material movement. The tool helps in optimization of transportation cost, time, service level, Service provider type. MakeMyTrans lets you make these decisions in real-time. MakeMyTrans Integrated with all types of service provider including Air freight, Ocean Freight, Rail Freight and Road Freight services.

Shipment and Order

MakeMyTrans Shipping tool lets you schedules and manages all your orders and shipments. It support multi-service providers & multi-transport modes to provide a consolidated view of Operations across different locations. MakeMyTrans helps you to make decisions to appropriately in choosing the right service provider by their service level and service availability. Its unique feature automate the end to end cargo handling process. In the process it involves cargo listing, resource forecasting, route planning and shipping documents. Where the dashboard and proactive alerts helps to monitor the critical operation.

On Brand Track and Trace:

Why you have to go to service providers to get tracking updates and details, when you can get those updates a consistent on-brand tracking experience on MakeMyTrans Shipping Tool. MakeMyTrans Retrieve shipments updates from the service providers network and make it accessible to you. We push these details to your communication devices, so in any case of technical hurdle you will get every updated of your shipment status.

Pricing analysis and Reports :

The prices provided by service provider look great when there is no other option of other service. But how do you make sure you realize these prices are actual market variable price and don’t get hit with high costs of transportation and avoidable accessorial charges? With MakeMyTrans, every service provider’s prices and services are optimized. MakeMyTrans monitor service availability, their prices, service provider performance and inform you the Market Variable price though the demand of service level. More than any shipping tool, we call it a pricing intelligence system.

Shipment Documentation:

Auto generated receipts and documents for transporting goods from one place to another. Where user have to add product or material details to gets the receipt after the service provider is confirmed. For the further process service provider’s details and document will be updated automatically in your account.


MakeMyTrans was built to make all your logistic & transportation work together, ensuring all your shipments and payments data is always accurate. It Import orders and their payments details of different service provider on one single dashboard. It’s fully manage your payments, shipments and puts you in control.

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