Automobile & Transportation

The Automobile industry is one of the biggest enterprises contributing to the economy. But when it comes to transportation there are challenges everywhere in the market. MakeMyTrans offer solution to help this industry to work considerably more efficiently. Continuous production require rapid allocation of transport service provider. We give them total control on logistic operation which is important to react rapidly to the changing economic situations.

Fluctuating demands, tight schedules, and newer products also add to the need for reliable and responsible logistics providers.


Textile & Accessorie

Textile industry is moving into new market with the new challenges. It requires excellent quality, convenient delivery at the industry demands, especially in this era of multiple sales channels and web-based retailing. The quality of the final product that reaches the customer is clearly the result of a better designing of supply chain, inter-linked phases: designing, creating, distribution & apparel. In this new competitive environment, MakeMyTrans offer an organized logistic solution, which should be a feature of all market segments to meet the specific requirements and tastes of all types of customers.


Agriculture & Food

Agricultural production is synonymous with uncertainty often by virtue of its exposure to weather; the unpredictability of disease and pests; and, the seasonality of harvest and market cycles. Agriculture is also dependent on supply chains to cope with the geographical separation of inputs, farming and consumption. Agricultural supply chains comprise input supply (seeds, fertilizer, and energy), production, storage, processing, marketing and distribution. Where MakeMyTrans technological platforms enable the access of important information of services and helpful in the rural empowerment with more efficiency and transparency.


Construction & Real estate

The increasing demand of Real estate industry underlying the trends and damages of industry. Which is driven by logistics. Geographical designing and routes also affect the existing supply chains. Majorly it requires heavy fleets, ODC Trailers and containers which interconnect the infrastructure. Where MakeMyTrans logistic solution provide warehouse, distribution facilities and fulfillment centers to this constantly changing industry. Which puts them in center and roll out the best practice of product flow from factory to consumer.


Electronics & Electrical Equipment

Electronics Appliance and electrical equipment’s come in many different forms and some may need to travel longer miles before they are safely delivered to their destination. In most cases, trucks will need to make deliveries several times a day, or it may be necessary to transport appliances long distances. This industry runs on preorder and scheduled deliveries. MakeMyTrans integrated service provider with comfortable space and secure packing will keep appliances safely tucked in place. The benefit to appliance owners is that they have peace of mind in transporting fragile appliances safely, with a lesser risk of breakage and damage.


Industrial Machinery & Tools

Manufacturers of just about every product are constantly challenged by the market to get the right product to the right purchaser at the right cost and time. Regardless of the product, the marketplace is more demanding than ever, competition is intense. Manufacturers must address many challenges and market changes, meet customer demands and constantly enhance quality while controlling expenses. MakeMyTrans help Industries to obtain and deal with the logistics services for their supply and management and meet every day logistics challenges.


Retail & FMCG

The Retail Industry, the largest among all the industries, has one of the most dynamic and fast paced industries with multiple players entering in to the market. Demanding customers, hyper- channelized markets, multi-channel retailing, customization and other retail challenges all have major implications for logistics. That why MakeMyTrans collected service provider from hypermarkets to convenience stores, e-retailers to department stores, electrical and furniture retailers for their logistic management and supply. Where major docking operation will handle and managed by itself.



The Pharmaceutical industry produce the products which require regulate operation and supply efficiency. With rising demand from consumer and companies must increase their production. At the same time consumers are looking for lower-cost alternatives. MakeMyTrans offers an integrated approach – aligning supply chain strategy with providing enterprise-wide talent on- demand, supported by dedicated teams, service delivery, and flexible operation management.

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