How it Works

Schedule your shipments

After logged in user have to add their shipments detail according to their requirement. Shipment details including origin, destination, and item/product details, packaging details and also extra require service details. MakeMyTrans Platform will recommend the best service provider and their rates.

Generate the Receipt

The require shipping documentation for goods movements are automatically generate for printing. Where user can manage their shipping documents on the platform and then material will dispatched to the service provider.

Track your shipment

Check the status of your all shipments and service providers on a shipment page. Status information include scheduled shipments, Material Dispatched, in transit and delivered. You can also get all the tracking updates on registered account, email and mobile phone.

Analysis of Shipments

Monitor service provider’s performance and updates of all your shipments on a MakeMyTrans Analysis Board. It consist all your activity and details on one place where you can measure your transportation consumption.

Speak to an Expert / Get started today

Speak to an Expert / Get started today